Why Students Should Have Blog

The 21st century has brought many developments to the world, such as modern technology, inventions, political and social changes. Blogging is one of the novelties that influences on the people today. A blog is surprisingly easy to use, it can bring a lot of benefits and anyone, who feels like it, may try blogging. Students are no exception.

It is easy to take advantage of blogs: they do not require specific technical knowledge and can be quickly and easily created and maintained. There is a potential to expand and develop creativity and some essential skills as well. One can create his own blog and easily change its design whenever he wants. Why blogs are great for students and why should their teachers encourage this type of activity?

  1. A Way To Promote Literacy And Writing Skills

Blogging is a great chance to develop the writing skills. As a rule, in order to cope with numerous papers and topics they do not understand students search for online essay services. A personal blog is a way to improve writing kills, because it takes a lot to hold the attention and interest of the audience. In order to achieve popularity the owner of the blog must make every word, phrase, sentence, and even punctuation mark worthy of attention.

Apart from that, such personal webspace provides with the opportunity to improve communication and highlight the collaboration skills – with the help of the commenting tool. It may become easier for students and their teachers to interchange views, comment, share thoughts and opinions.

  1. A Tool For Multifunctional Learning

Usually teachers need to bringknowledge to the learners in various ways – each one of his students material differently. Moreover, it is necessary to engage, make interested in fulfilling the assignments and that should be based on individual talent of each student.

Keeping a blog is a way that allows a shy student to be heard and feel less stress, when he needs to “speak” or discuss an issue. Besides, blogging technique helps read-and-write learners as well as visual learners know the material better.

  1. A Generally Accessible Writing Media

There are a great number of blog apps, which make blogging simple and accessible to the learners from every corner of the world. It is possible to operate your blog from anywhere about anything you want to reflect. Because of the numerous multimedia artifacts, such as a pocket camera or a personal smartphone, blogging becomes more engaging and quite interactive writing media for the authors and readers.

  1. An Effective Classroom Management Tool

As noted above, blog may become a very engaging element of learning. Using blogging as an in-class task can keep the students focused on the assignment. Students can become motivatedmore when they see that someone reads their posts, takes time to reflect on it, and posts an opinion or a question. If the teacher creates an interactive classroom blog, he will be able to extend the learning process beyond the walls of the school/college classroom. The study can continue whereverthe students go, and keep the communication going.

  1. A Way To Get Immediate Evaluation

As a rule, students write their works during months and years and years, and they do not get any real appraisal until it’s done. Keeping the blog is quite the opposite: the writes can create and upload apost within one day or even a few hours. It gives the positive feeling of accomplishing the work and the opportunity to learn what other people think about it; this is justone moreundeniable advantage of blogging.

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