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Why Students Fail In Mathematics

Among the many subjects students learn in school, mathematics seems to be the one that students will either absolutely hate or love. And because of its polarizing nature, mathematics can be quite a tricky subject to learn. Consider this analogy: Mathematics is like driving, and learning to drive is not that difficult. But once you earn your driver’s license, you are thrown into a rally and expected to win. Sure, it is difficult, but you are bound to get better as long as you keep driving. In other words, mastery over mathematics requires you to constantly practice topics and concepts. So why doesn’t this happen? Why do students fail?

Concepts like odd numbers and even numbers are rather easy to understand. But other concepts like integration requires you to have a more concrete foundation in the subject. The other important aspect that students don’t realize is interest. Students need to develop an interest for mathematics to understand concepts more effectively. Because if students don’t have an interest for the subject, their learning process gets hindered and as a result, they don’t score well or worst case scenario – they fail.

Approaches to learning also plays an important role in comprehending mathematics. Sometimes, concepts like Pythagorean theorem are taught in the classroom – the old-fashioned way. But they are not very effective at conveying information because the students might have a hard time visualizing concepts. This can be overcome by using technology in the form of videos and interactive images. Here, the student can easily understand the concepts and reproduce the same in an examination. Advancements in technology have built upon this concept by integrating Virtual Reality (VR) into education. This technology is more immersive than any classroom session or a video as it has the potential to enable students to interact and explore their consequences in the VR simulation.

In conclusion, mathematics is not an inherently tough subject. Students just need to have the right outlook and prepare for it accordingly.

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