Why it is important to check paper for plagiarism?

If you are a student there are many reasons why it is important to check paper for plagiarism. It doesn’t matter if you wrote your essay, thesis or any other paper completely by your self, anyway you should check your paper for plagiarism, because for example any punctuation mistake can be evaluated as a plagiarism. Especially if your school, college or university also uses a plagiat detector, so it means that if your free plagiarism detector reports that your paper has a certain percent of plagiarism so plagiarism detector of your educational institution definately will also show that your paper word has duplicate parts.

Most students are aware that plagiarism is unacceptable and they do not plagiarize intentionally. Some students faces plagiarism inadvertently. And part of students plagiarize deliberately. It’s unclear whether they haven’t heard of a plagiarism checkers or they believe that their lecturers have not heard anything about it and never use such online software. Such an approach is false.

So why it is important to check your paper work for plagiarism?

  • By copying text content which belongs to someone else you lose the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and deepen your knowledge in your area.
  • When copying text, you risk to not finish high school or get poor evaluation, to lose professors confidence in you and damage your reputation.
  • If it happend so that your plagiarized paper work slipped through the teachers’ eyes and become public. The real author may notice that his phrases have been used in your writing. You may receive a penalty for copyright infringement.

All these reasons are not all. Before disregarding any task given by the lecturer, consider whether you would be happy knowing that your doctor or car mechanic were dishonest in college? Plagiarism-free papers is more important than we sometimes think.

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