Why Child Care Is an Important Developmental Step

Many parents need to drop their children off at a childcare facility early in the morning, and pick them up again after work. This can certainly be a heart-breaking experience for many parents, especially for those that are new to it. However, many studies suggest that child care can actually help children develop in a positive way even before they start their formal schooling.

The Benefits of Child Care

Every nursery school in Nottingham can tell you that the children they look after are generally healthy and happy, but what of those parental concerns about their children not coping well? What about parents who worry that their child might miss them terribly, or simply might not develop in the right way because they are being emotionally neglected? The real truth is that nurseries and child care facilities actually provide the following measurable benefits:

  • Social development: Building and developing social skills is vital for every young child. It is a long and rocky road from the selfish world of toddler-hood to being able to share with others. In this context, nurseries provide the ideal environment for teaching children the value of sharing and how important it is to get along with others. In fact, those children who spend the majority of their pre-school years at home are less socially developed when they start school as compared to those children who attended nurseries and childcare facilities on a regular basis.
  • Learning: The nurseries of today place a great deal more emphasis and importance on teaching older children what they need to know in order to give them a great head start when they are finally ready to attend school. Getting an early start on reading, writing, and numeracy has been shown time and again to pay dividends, and the truth is that nurseries all over the country have put in place a formal curriculum to teach preschoolers these valuable skills. This ensures that many children who regularly attend childcare facilities will do better in school than their peers who spent the bulk of their early years at home.
  • Motor skills: The development of both gross and fine motor skills is vital for young children. Nurseries provide a safe and secure environment in which both organised and self-directed play can occur. This helps to develop motor skills in young children and further prepares them for their formal schooling years.

A Secure and Safe Environment for Your Child

It is certainly not uncommon for many new parents to feel that placing their child in a nursery is not the best thing, but many studies show that children in these environments tend to thrive and perform better later on in their formal education. The development of better social skills, motor skills, and communication skills, along with training in literacy and numeracy, support the idea that nurseries and childcare centres produce more confident and self-sufficient children who thrive later in life. If you have any doubts, the best thing to do is to contact your local nursery and ask questions.

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