What to Seek in a Preschool

By the time a child starts preschool, they have already had numerous experiences, and have developed in several ways. To build upon this prior learning, a pre-school staff can offer children a rich variety of challenging play activities in a stimulating learning environment. When seeking a preschool then, keep in mind that the focus should be placed on self-paced learning.  That way, a child can obtain a positive image of himself as a learner, and develop progressively through trial and error.

Most children come into preschool as active and enthusiastic learners. They are interested in themselves, their peers, and the preschool atmosphere. They have an innate curiosity and sense of wonderment. Children of this age also like to establish good relationships with adults. They frequently elect to work in groups, and some of the children show early signs of leadership.

Preschool Competencies

By the time a child reaches preschool age, he is developing certain competencies. These skills include problem solving, decision making, observation, and communication. With the support of the right pre-school in Nottingham, a child can further enhance his learning.

What a Preschool Should Offer

Preschool children enjoy music and rhymes as well as physical play. By this time in their lives as well, they are becoming physically independent. Therefore, when choosing a preschool, you need to make sure it offers the following:

  • A safe and stimulating atmosphere where a child feels secure and happy
  • Opportunities to explore the environment, both inside and outside
  • Appropriate learning times through sustained engagement in play
  • Interaction with understanding and sensitive adults who also promote a sense of well-being

A Place Where Children Can Increase Their Self-esteem

The preschool you choose should provide equality of opportunity as well. Therefore, it should be the type of facility that encourages emotional, creative, social, and intellectual development. Children should feel that they are secure and valued.

Life-long Learning

The type of curriculum used at the preschool you choose should be planned as well as flexible. This allows children to follow their own pursuits and develop at their own pace. Preschool should be a place that promotes active learning and assists children in developing the dispositions and skills that will make them want to be lifelong learners.

Opportunities through Play

The preschool education then should also be balanced and broad, offering a learning environment that allows children to make their own choices and decision. The curriculum that is offered should also provide students with learning opportunities through play, all which will develop a child’s proficiencies in the arts, language development, socialisation, math, physical development, and understanding the surrounding world.

Plans for Growth

The plans implemented for growth in a preschool environment should account for the teaching of children as a group. Therefore, planning should account for the children’s ages and, again, their previous experiences. It also should be formatted so each of the areas of learning are given the proper emphasis.

Plans need to underscore, as well, the skills, knowledge, concepts, and progression expected within each part of the learning process. When you are making a choice for a preschool then, keep the above information in the forefront of your mind. This early part of your child’s development is crucial to his or her success.

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