The Best Back to School Apps for 2018: Part 1

Have you ever tried to find a list of the best apps for school, only to find that the top page of results is from 2012? Hey, we got your back….to school apps right here for Fall 2018! Unless otherwise noted, all of these apps are available on both Android and iOS, and all are free, though they might have premium options. We know you already know about Evernote and the top ones, so we’ve tried to compile lesser-known apps here. Make this semester the best one yet by maximizing your technology so that it works for you, with some of these great apps!

Office Lens or CamScanner:

            Not everything is in the twenty-first century yet. Whether you want to photograph notes on the whiteboard or pages from an article you’re using in a paper, these nifty apps can turn photos into PDF’s, or automatic data formatting (like a contact from a business card).

            Until researching this article, I was a diehard CamScanner fan. Sure, it sounds a lot like “scam,” but it’s free (albeit with annoying ads). However, Office Lens seems to blow it out of the water. Although it’s made by Microsoft, and that’s not everyone’s glass of beer, this app captures data from multiple sources and formats, like a whiteboard, document, and so on. It integrates easily with Microsoft Office and exports information as Word, PowerPoint, or PDF’s. CamScanner is older and iOS only, meaning that if your phone is a couple years old, it will run well. For those who are Microsoft haters, users of older phones, or who mostly just want to scan paper documents into PDF’s, CamScanner can help you.

Circle of 6

            This free app is for your safety. Don’t roll your eyes. This app lets you add trusted contacts, who can see your location and who will be sent customized messages (like “Come and get me”) when you alert the app. The app is focused on preventing intimate partner abuse and sexual assault, but even if you’re just out partying and stumble around drunk, it can help – same goes if you are anywhere you feel uncomfortable. Verdict? There’s no reason not to have this app. If you’re ever in a situation where you need to use it, you’ll be very grateful.

Habit Hub

            Every term you make the same resolutions: Get up early, work out, get a 4.0, talk to more people. Habits take time to build, but with the free app Habit Hub, you will be supported. Enter habits you want to take up (like working out every day, or studying calculus every evening), and enjoy a data-driven, graphic interface that cheers you on – or nags you if you don’t do it! This app will help you with self-improvement, which will lead to major benefits in your scholastic achievements too.

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