Should Students Take a Year off Before College

Going through 12 years of schooling can be difficult all in a row. During the last years of high school, students may be feeling a little bit burned out. Many students in the United States go straight to college or trade school directly after having been in high school. If you are interested in taking just a little bit of time to yourself, you may be interested in a gap year. Here are some reasons why you should take a gap year between high school and college.

Give yourself time from burnout

Being burned out as a student is not a joke. This can lead to you disliking school and not doing as well as you could. If you spend only three months after high school planning for college, then hop right into collegiate coursework, it can be easy to feel burned out. Instead of forcing yourself to go right to college, you should take some time to yourself. Being able to mentally rest from school work can make you more refreshed and ready to go back one year later.

Learn what you really want

Many college students change their majors over the course of time. Many still find themselves majoring in on field and ending up in another. This is because many students have not discovered what they really want out of life and what they are interested in. If you are not sure what you want out of college, you should take a gap year and embark on a journey of self-discovery. This will aid in you figuring out what you should do in and after college.

Make a little more money

The stereotype of the broke college student is not just a stereotype. Many students in college find themselves without resources and having to depend on family members. Instead of rushing to college before you are financially ready, take a year off to work and save a little money. This will help you prepare to prepare to pay for housing, food, and other costs that you will need.

You will find that life is more than academics

There is more to life than going to school and doing well in school. Volunteering, exploring the world, understanding other viewpoints, and figuring out your own thoughts is a good use of time. Getting to know yourself and the world around you may help you to figure out what you want out of life that has nothing to do with college.

Get your life together

If you were not the best student in school or if you have had other issues, these should be sorted out before you have to dedicate yourself to your college classes. If you have things to sort out financially you should learn more about how to get yourself together before you enter and pay for school. You should also make sure that college is the right thing for you if you are not quite sure about what you want for your life.

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