Refrain yourself from committing the typical mistakes made by a novice professor

The initial days when you take that first step in your career, you are on your toes always, beaming with energy and motivated to stretch yourself beyond the limitations. You are both apprehensive and confident in trying out new things, updating yourself with the evolving time. During this period, you also tend to do a lot of mistakes that forms the basis of your learning throughout your career. As you progress, these mistakes eventually minimize shaping you as the adept professional. These mistakes happen across all the professions. Be it a techie’s job or that of an assistant professor job, you will stumble, you might fall and you will get up with the right attitude.

In this context, let us look into the common mistakes done by the newly appointed professor that should be avoided to have a healthy career growth:

  1. Not reserving time for your self-study and research: If your aim in life is to wear the shoes of a professor later in your career then as an assistant professor, you will continue to learn and research. You have to have a clear concept to pass on your knowledge and wisdom to the students.

The best way to secure your own learning time is to plan ahead and schedule your whole day. Devote about four to six hours on knowing about your subject and acquiring new skills. Sadly, this is what most teachers and professors sets low priority on when it should be your primary goal. The whole process of teaching involves gaining in-depth knowledge and becoming a subject matter expert before you go and impart the concepts to the students. So chalk out your day in a way where you can get time to research your way through the subject.

  1. Getting obsessed with course curriculum and class preparation: Preparing for the class will take most of your time in the initial days of teaching. You have to design the lesson plan, session calendar, and syllabus for the term. However, here also you need to manage your time skillfully. You cannot spend all your day preparing for the class.

The best way to tackle this matter would be to give some of your time to the course preparation. You need to excel in managing time effectively. After you have spent several years in this profession, you will be able to carve a framework that will help you to do this work faster. Initially, you have to condition yourself.

  1. Ignoring the unruly behavior of the students: The day you enter the shoes of an assistant professor or a teacher your responsibility inevitably include helping to shape your students’ career as well. You have to teach them the difference between the right and wrong.

Student counselling is what you should involve yourself in and you should take an interest in the growth of each and every student. You need to appreciate them at their excellent performance and also you need to reprimand them at the right time to show them the right direction.

  1. Neglecting your health: As a teacher, it should not be the case that you are going to work at the cost of your health. You need to dedicate your life to a healthy life as well. Being a professor involves working under a lot of stress and pressure.

You need to eat healthy, sleep well, de-stress yourself through yoga and exercise to be more productive at work and beat tension.

  1. Not maintaining work-life balance: You are working as a teacher does not mean that your life is stuck between the institute, students and lesson plans. You also need to give some time to your family and personal life.

You need to keep aside a little bit of your time from your daily schedule for your family as well to have the satisfaction of enjoying an optimal work-life balance.

  1. Being in the same position for a long term: It is assumed by many that growth in the field of teaching is slow. You need to assess your potential and abilities to understand where you should stand now.

If your institute is doing nothing for your progress, then it is better to look for a better one that will set your designation as per your merits and experiences.

  1. Distracted by administration work: These days assistant professors, professors and anybody in the role of teaching is loaded with many supervisory responsibilities. However, that is secondary when it comes to your job role.

Take up administration duties after you efficiently complete your primary job of teaching and taking care of students.

Therefore, an assistant professor job is multifaceted today. They are expected to wear many shoes at the same time. You need to configure your time properly to reach the heights of success. You also need to look into the right places to find the best opportunities as assistant professor.

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