Learning Mandarin? Here are Some Tips to Make it Easier!

Learning mandarin is a hard endeavor.

Really, learning a new language is hard in general. And the difficulty compounds with languages of foreign cultures.

That’s what Chinese is to most people. It’s an interesting culture, with a complex language.


Don’t be discouraged. You can master Mandarin with enough dedication.

And doing that requires some planning. You need to approach the learning process right for top results.

This is what we’ll help you with. Below are some tips to improve your mandarin learning experience!

#1 – Why Are You Learning It?

Are you learning mandarin for everyday conversations? Or are you doing so for business?

Because there’s a difference between both.

Conversational mandarin is easier to master. But it requires more exposure to the “everyday” spoken language.

Business mandarin is more formal. And it’s what you learn if you’re travelling to China as a professional.

Also, business styles of any language are more advanced. So you need a command of the basics before advancing to that level.

And speaking of the basics…

#2 – Do You Have a Long-Term Curriculum?

You should.

You learn a language in stages. And you need to move through each stage slowly.

This means you need a multi-year curricula. You need to map out what you’ll learn for the few years you study mandarin.

How Do I Do That?

You do it with the help of a professional.

And this is another tip we’d like to stress. Never self-study a new language.

Make sure a fluent speaker is nearby to help. Usually, that’ll be an instructor who speaks the language well.

They can monitor your improvement. They can grade and test you on what you learn.

And more importantly, they’ll correct you, pointing out weaknesses that you need to deal with.

#3 – Do It Through Private Lessons.

That’s easy to do with the internet.

You can find someone who sells online mandarin courses.

They’ll already have a curriculum developed for you. And they’ll guide you slowly through the classes.

Now – you don’t want private lessons that cram too many classes a week. Because you need time to absorb the material before moving on.

So make sure you find courses that supply 1-2 classes a week (tops).

Where Do I Find That?

Just check out the recommendation below.

We’ve saved you time by picking one of the best Asian learning centers online. And that would be…

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They fit all the previously mentioned criteria.

Their courses are designed for different levels of mastery. And you can get private lessons with 1-v-1 interactions!

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