Female Circumcision: An Actual Problem for Writing

If you are searching for a topic to write your essay or research paper on, you are advised to check the actual issues that the modern society faces. It is hard to believe, but female circumcision is still a problem in the society which develops towards democracy. Therefore, we offer you the following information for writing on this topic.

Current Situation

It is necessary to start writing from an explanation of the actuality of the issue and describing the situation. Female circumcision is a spread procedure in Asian and African states. It is actually partial cutting off the female genitals. According to research, more than 130 million of females have become victims of this surgery. Mostly, the reasons for such a surgery are cultural and social, as it is considered to be a ritual that is supposed to lower the female’s libido and save women from wantonness. Therefore, this topic is suitable for writing on Cultural Studies and Sociology in particular.


Numbers make your writing efficient. Based on the data collected by UNICEF, this procedure is the most widespread in the following countries: Somalia (98%), Egypt (91%), Mali (89%), Sudan (88%), Ethiopia (74%). Also, it comes back to Dagestan due to a propaganda, and Russian Federation does not have a law to prohibit it.

European Situation and Fighting with the Issue

The issue exists in the states of other continents, where African communities exist. However, it should be noted in your writing, that European states fight with this problem actively.


In one of the towns in Sweden, it was found out that 28 out of 30 female pupils of the local school passed the process of the female circumcision. The female circumcision is a crime in Sweden since 1982, and the punishment is a 4 to 10 years long imprisonment. Since 1999, people who have performed this type of surgery outside of Sweden, can also be punished under this law. You may discover in your writing, how powerful some customs are, even though they are inhumane and illegal.


Belgium also has a law against the female circumcision, and based on the Criminal Code, the performers are punished by imprisonment for 3 to 5 years. Even the try is punished by 1 yearlong imprisonment. If the victim is underaged, the punishment increases to 7 years. Moreover, if the consequences for the patient’s health are extremely hard, the person can be subjected to 10 years’ imprisonment, in case of the death of the patient – to 15 years.


France has also taken care of this issue. The Criminal Code supposes up to 15 years’ imprisonment for this crime, and up to 20 years in case the patient was underaged.

Spain and the UK

The criminal code of Spain determines the punishment for female circumcision performance, which is imprisonment for 12 years. In the UK, this act is considered a crime since 1985. The issue is regulated by the Female Genital Mutilation Act, where mutilation of female genitals causes to imprisonment for 14 years.

Insufficient Effectiveness

The abovementioned facts make one think that they are enough to make this issue disappear. However, it is necessary to specify in writing that such incidents still occur. Thus, while writing an essay or a research paper, you may analyze, what makes people cross the law regulations and still do this surgery?

  1. Not all the victims report about the cases due to the fear of losing their parents, so because of the social pressure.
  2. The witnesses are often the relatives, which are convinced that stopping the practice will ruin the status of the family.
  3. Only 5-10% doctors (based on the data by Guardian) report about the cases with requests of female circumcision.
  4. It is hard to identify the person who was carrying out the surgery, since often the consent of parents is not received.

If you go further and research on the problem, you may discover some more arguments for your writing, and this is advisory, as new ideas will make your writing fresh. Moreover, it will gain a bigger scientific value. So, use the given information and think!

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